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By Jenny George Daccache;Brandon Valeriano

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The IBA takes the context and salience of issues into account to determine how entities interact and when they might engage. An issue is a source of conflict and cooperation in the international system. It is a subject, problem, or concern that has to be dealt with in either the public or private discourse, but here we confine considerations to international issues at stake between two countries or regions. How one entity feels about an issue is generally determined by timing, location, and perspectives.

Does Shangri-La exist and is it in Tibet, or is the true Shangri-La to be found in the vast profits available to Hollywood if they morph their outlook to be more conciliatory toward the rising Chinese superpower? The book explores a new perspective concerning a resolution of SinoTibetan conflict, bearing in mind that Hollywood’s tremendous efforts to boost international awareness of Tibetans’ struggle for freedom while promoting the Chinese regime as oppressive fall short of what is required for the American film industry to grow globally or to bring peace to Tibet.

20 He also reveals his great repulsion toward some of the more outrageous common practices (at least to Westerners) such as polyandry (woman having more than one husband), mortuary (feeding the dead to eagles and dogs), superstitions ruling the tribunal system, and other aspects of Tibetan life. His writings hold evidence of feelings of disappointment for failing to convert these good yet mystified people to Christianity. Desideri still manages to write about China and Tibet through Western Eyes O 29 Tibetan beliefs with certain objectivity; he relies on his investigations and reflections to project his thoughts with a sophisticated philosophic approach.

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