Group characters, symmetric functions, and the Hecke - download pdf or read online

By David M. Goldschmidt

ISBN-10: 0821870033

ISBN-13: 9780821870037

Directed at graduate scholars and mathematicians, this e-book covers an strange set of interrelated issues, offering a self-contained exposition of the algebra at the back of the Jones polynomial besides a number of tours into similar parts. The ebook is made of lecture notes from a path taught by means of Goldschmidt on the college of California at Berkeley in 1989. The direction was once prepared in 3 elements. half I covers, between different issues, Burnside's Theorem that teams of order $p^aq^b$ are solvable, Frobenius' Theorem at the life of Frobenius kernels, and Brauer's characterization of characters. half II covers the classical personality idea of the symmetric team and contains an set of rules for computing the nature desk of $S^n$ ; a building of the Specht modules; the "determinant shape" for the irreducible characters; the hook-length formulation of body, Robinson, and Thrall; and the Murnaghan-Nakayama formulation. half III covers the normal illustration thought of the Hecke algebra, the development of the two-variable Jones polynomial, and a derivation of Ocneanu's "weights" because of T. A. Springer.

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K ® Rz j=Z j A/Rx I = if Let r E A n n R ( x ' ) = J , ra = 0 E rRx I , submodule o f Then for A = = r ( x I - pa) = r x I - r p a = r x I - psx I = r x I - r x I = paragraph A , so for On t h e o t h e r r = sp J . i s a p u r e submodule o f rRx I D r A N with Choose mm , we must have t h e c o n d i t i o n AnnR(x) = t o show t h a t rls Then a n one c o u l d have chosen x. such t h a t 1 n a valuation ring J D i=lA AnnR(x i ) ~ J . T h i s is some and for is i = i ..... ,b ~" sired n sum o f c y c l i c s .

Bk Thus r i n g and t h e d e c o m p o s i t i o n o f f i n i t e l y rings (B2) M ~ ( R / J ) M , and e i t h e r first B = R(i,i) must be the case t h a t can be seen by l o c a l i z i n g Thus Since sider B = B1 ® . . Since e v e r y n o n - z e r o submodule o f not c y c l i c graph. Note t h a t (R/J) M . RM,(V,O) ~ RM, ® RM,(V,O) implies two s i m p l e submodules o f RM(O,v) contains so we assume t h e second 43 case, i . e . , (B2) M, ~ RM, . 2 B2 ~ R/J . f o r some r,s E R . diction.

EY c L~(X) , Let ultrafilter be a non-empty s e t . For Then £Y(X)}xE X X . as a s u b b a s i s o f open sets o f = ~-(x) Lemma 7 . 2 : of , then V(J) = Q~ E 8X: J c: S } = BX 4. X , , t h e n by p a r t 2 is a fixed i s an i n f i n i t e is a free finite Definition: X is a filter Then and Suppose S x E A} . one sees t h a t of ix(X) of XI,X 2 E ~(X) - ~ X . ultrafilter set, and of filter Using 7 . 1 , Then containing of be a f i l t e r of I X - A I < ~} . d. x E X , let ultrafilter X ~ . • Let { 0 , and fixed f~ i s an u l t r a f i l t e r Definition: For and Y E 5 = S • X - XI , P7 X ) = V({Im}~Ey).

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