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Per 11 \ 40 16 > \\ 30 •10 \ \ v \ 35 14 % Elongation \ \ \ V\ \ \ 12 / ^ S v ^ \ \ \ | \ ^ Tensile ton 25 10 — Strength \ \ \ \\ 3 £ O 20 8 I\ // \ N^^ LJ 15 6 J 10 Elastic. ~"Umii~ / 4 5 0 0 100 200 300 400 500 6 0 0 °C Temperature FIG. —Variation in Mechanical Properties on Annealing at different Temperatures after 300 % Cold Work. T h e following results were o b t a i n e d for t h e t w o series :— Bath Temperature Duration of Time Oil . . 100°—150°—200°—250°—300° 5 minutes. Sodium nitrite .

Consequently, if work hardening is undesirable, even a very small amount of deformation must be avoided, since the changes in the properties t a k e place very markedly from the outset. (ii) The maximum cold work, beyond which deterioration and disintegration m a y set in, is reached when the Tensile Strength is approximately doubled. " L O X U E N C E OE THICKNESS ( T H I N S E R I E S ) . The variation in thickness between 0-5 mm. and 2-0 mm. exerts only a slight effect on the results, so t h a t t h e mean curve given for test pieces of 1-mm.

I) Region of Cold Work ; 0-150°. Within this range, t h e properties remain similar t o those which the m e t a l possesses in t h e particular cold-worked state, 32 ALUMINIUM AND I T S ALLOYS as given in Fig, 4. The effect of temperatures up t o 150° is therefore insignificant. (ii) Region of Softening ; 150-350°. This is a transition stage, in which the aluminium becomes softer, a n d gradually acquires t h e properties of completely annealed metal. THIN SERIES (Test Pieces 2mm. thick) -•1 1 •10 100 200 300 400 500 Temperature F I G .

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