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Silver has the bottom resistivity of all metals, which makes it an enticing interconnect fabric for larger present densities and swifter switching speeds in built-in circuits. during the last ten years, vast examine has been performed to handle the thermal and electric balance, in addition to processing concerns which, thus far, have avoided the implementation of silver as an interconnect steel.

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3 Development Progress of Ferritic Steels for Boiler shows the development progress of ferritic steels of the 2Cr, 9Cr and 12Cr series. Of them, HCM9Ml is a low carbon 9Cr-2Mo steel having service experience over a period of 25 years since development, with about 2000 tons having been produced specifically for superheater and reheater tubes and steam pipes. The strength of this steel is between those of T 22 and TP 304H, and it is used especially for reheater tubes in place of lSCr-SNi steels. Tempaloy F-9,2 EM123 and T914 are improved 9Cr steels whose strengths have been enhanced by adding carbide forming elements such as V and Nb.

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