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By Anne McCaffrey

ISBN-10: 0060877766

ISBN-13: 9780060877767

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ISBN-13: 9780380818471

Acorna's humans, the Linyaari, have all started reclaiming their homeworld from the ravages of the brutal Khleevi. however the first wave of explorers has unlocked a bigger secret in regards to the origins of the Linyaari -- person who has led Aari, Acorna's liked lifemate, on a perilous trip from which he may well by no means go back. surroundings off on a quest to discover Aari, Acorna and her acquaintances -- Captain Becker, Mac, Nadhari, and RK -- are compelled to crash land at the attractive and barbaric unique jungle global of Makahomia, domestic of the mysterious Temple Cats. yet an evil scheme threatens to break the sacred tom cats. to save lots of the cats, Acorna will lead a band of rebels on a trip into Makahomia's temples and hidden sanctuaries. And there, inside one sacred shrine, she is going to become aware of stunning info which may bring about Aari . . .or to catastrophe.

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New PDF release: Acorna's Rebels (Acorna (Paperback))

Acorna's humans, the Linyaari, have started reclaiming their homeworld from the ravages of the brutal Khleevi. however the first wave of explorers has unlocked a bigger secret concerning the origins of the Linyaari -- one who has led Aari, Acorna's cherished lifemate, on a deadly trip from which he may well by no means go back.

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She likes her, says she's better for me than she was. That's not like Nadhari-trust me. Nadhari and me-well, we're still friendly, and yeah, I still care about her. " Acorna prompted. He nodded, eyes down, lips compressed, shoulders hunched forward a little. "Yeah. " "But surely she knows that was not her fault," Acorna said. "And my people, as soon as they were able, healed her of her wounds, both physical and psychic. " Suddenly she felt guilty. She had been so preoccupied with her own problems-her lifemate Aari's disappearance, initially due to a temporal accident caused by Vhiliinyar's systematic destruction by the Khleevi, and later exacerbated by her own attempts to find him and bring him back-that her worries had caused her to shut down in a way.

Later, if all went well, she would lose her divinity in their minds as the Wats became better oriented, and she'd never have to confront the problem directly at all. "Now that you know you can walk, I suggest you strap yourselves into your berths. " "We do not die lying down," said Red Wat, as she was starting to think of him, "There is no honor in that. " "Very effective, I'm sure," she said. " Becker's thoughts were calmer now and she intruded long enough to send a mental message. (Captain, the Wats wish to observe the landing.

Karina, wafting toward them, had caught Hafiz's remarks and did not fail to capitalize on her victimization. "So... coarse," she breathed, "and smelly. " Nadhari Kando, just behind her, grinned. " "Sounds to me like you should put them through boot camp, Commander. Doesn't seem like it should take these boys that long to get religion if you put your mind to the task. " "You do me much credit, dear," Nadhari said. " "I don't think it's a real good idea to arm them, since their idea of an enemy is the Linyaari," Becker pointed out.

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