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By Helen S. Wright

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An issue of Oaths

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Rafe reached for his drink, evading Joshim’s attempt to prevent him. “Until today, sir, I had no idea I knew extended tens. Until today, I had no idea I could create a resonance construct. Or mimic somebody else in the web. ” He gulped at the drink, emptying the glass before Joshim could take it off him again. “Now I know I can do all those things, but I don’t know what else I know, or how I learned, or who taught me. ” He flung the glass against the wall beyond Joshim. It bounced off and rolled across the floor.

He called, when he had reached his compromise between the demands of caution and the space that Rafe would need to stretch away his cramp, and imposed the corresponding limits on the web. ” Rafe had obviously been alert for the moment that his contacts became active. He surged into the web eagerly, extending until he reached the edges of the space available and holding himself there for long seconds of clear relief before pulling back and moderating his strength. The monitor showed that there had been more overlap between body control and web control during that surge than was wise, but less than Joshim had anticipated.

A newcomer always disturbed the established patterns in a web; it had taken several days to assimilate even somebody as skilled as Rafe, and that had been on the milk-run from Achil to Aramas. “Stay in the web when you’ve finished with Churi and Magred,” he decided. “You can help me evaluate him. ” He checked the time. “Go and have a look at his record. It’s on the table in the rest-room. Shall I bring you some alcad through? ” Rafe had finished reading when Joshim set his alcad down in front of him.

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