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By Hartmut Behr

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Modern idea of overseas politics faces a twofold challenge: the serious engagement with legacies of nationwide energy politics in connection to twentieth Century diplomacy and the regeneration of notions of humanity. This booklet contributes to this engagement via a family tree of recommendations on conflict, peace, and ethics.

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The narration is this: In the tenth Greek and Roman Antiquity 29 year of the war, in Winter 422/421, the Athenians and the Lacedaemonians agreed on a 50-years’ peace treaty, the so-called Peace of Nicias. By this treaty the first war, the Archidamian war or the first 10 years of the whole Peloponnesian War, were over. 20–26). After the treaty negotiations have been finished, all legations returned home in expectation and hope of peace; the Corinthians, however, suspected the Lacedaemonians of having agreed upon peace with the Athenians, not in good faith, but in order to subjugate the Peloponnesian peoples.

The political life of a polis then appears clearly dependant on its ethical constitution, and the latter again is immediately informed by the virtues of its very members. The social and moral decay, however, as it began to take shape in postPericlean Athens, extended to the entire Hellenic world under the destructive influences of the war. 37–48, The Peloponnesian War). We can hence summarize with Peter J. Fliess that Thucydides’s History is a critique of contemporary politics, targeted both against Athens and Sparta, and that he argues from a normative standpoint, which is embedded in the idea of universal political and ethical truth existing across human civilization (which was, however, perceived as more or less limited to the Hellenic world); however, the ‘orientation toward the transcendental Good having been abandoned by an extroverted [Hellenic] society’ (Fliess, 1959, p.

In the Treatise on Commonwealth we read: (Law) is not one thing at Rome and another at Athens; one thing today and another tomorrow; but in all times and nations this universal law must for ever reign, eternal and imperishable. It is the sovereign master and emperor of all beings. God himself is its author – its promulgator – its enforcer. 33) These are so far only formal definitions; in political terms, however, it seems important to develop concrete ideas and to develop precise determinations of a law of state and nations.

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