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A pragmatic 'how to do it' e-book written with the layout and welding interface in brain. It informs designers not just of what they need to learn about welding but additionally, and most significantly, units out the data the dressmaker should still provide to the welding engineer or fabrication superintendent in order that the designer's goals could be accomplished, by way of engineering functionality, defense, reliability, expense and visual appeal

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Nonetheless, designers should appreciate that the more accessible a welded joint, the more likely it is to be of good quality, and, of equal importance, accessible for inspection and, if necessary, repair. The last point is of some importance for if a defective weld is found on inspection it will have to be taken out and remade, a procedure which may not lend itself to robotics. Naturally, there are methods of reaching points of limited access which are used when the situation demands it but the cost can be astronomical especially if the product is already in service.

34; what is of relevance to the designer is to see that the details of the weld preparation are included. This means that if the WPS number is referred to on the drawing it may not be necessary to detail the edge preparations but if they are detailed, they must be consistent with the WPS detail. The need to detail preparations on a drawing depends on the circumstances of manufacture. If the parts are manufactured by one firm and welded by another, then putting the preparations on the drawing is more convenient.

The novice may miss significant images or fail to understand the nature of those which do appear. The technique is not sensitive to tightly closed cracks lying out of the plane of the direction of radiation. The use of radiographs requires that there be access to both sides of the joint, the film being placed on one side and the radiation source on the other. Use of the method therefore has to be taken into account at the design stage. Ultrasonics — a beam of high frequency sound is transmitted into the material from a probe which is also able to detect any reflections of the beam from the opposite surface or from internal discontinuities such as weld defects.

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