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By Jo Clayton

ISBN-10: 0886773466

ISBN-13: 9780886773465

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I was stole,” he muttered. “As you say. I am going to give you your papers. No. Be quiet. I don’t intend to discuss my reasons with you. If you wish to go home, I will pay your passage and put you on a ship with a master I trust to make sure you get there. If you prefer to stay in Kukurul, I will arrange schooling for you or an apprenticeship. ” Davindo’s eyes shifted from the door to the window. His pale pink tongue flicked over his lips. ” “I know what you think you want, but I’m not going to cut you loose; I’ve got enough guilt spotting my souls, I don’t need more.

Urn . . remarkably untouched by Tal ent, always excepting that imposed by the Chained God on his priests; however, that has nothing to do with you since the priests are always male and as far as I can determine chosen by the God himself without much concern about any inborn Gifts. ” She tapped her nails on the desk top, a tiny clatter like a flurry of wheatsized hail against a window. “An obscenity. . ” She spread her hands flat on the desk, frowned at them.. “Which is a digression . . I’m explaining too much.

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