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82. Can Grande: C. G. della Scala, 12911329, lord of Verona and greatest member of the Ghibelline family that ruled Verona from 1277-1387. He was a friend and protector of Dante. The face on an equestrian statue surmounting his tomb outside the Church of Santa Maria Antica in Verona is striking because of a broad grin [I vancich, Ezra Pound in Italy, has picture] . 420 83. ]. 84. "E fa ... tremare": I, "And makes the air tremble with light" [74:425]. 85. we sat there: The "we" included Pound, T.

Khardas: Poss. Persian Khiirbiit, the lead donkey in the Shah Nameh [77: I 71] of Firdausi [EH] . 82. "Prepare ... ": rOd. X,450]. 83. How is it far ... : Recurrent leit-motif [77:30]. 84. Lidya: Lydia Yavorska, 1874-1921, a Russian-born actress (and erstwhile wife of Prince Vladimir Bariatinsky) who acted in London, 1910-1921. She prob. told Pound the story of the executioner. Pound may have seen her accost Henry James: "Men of my time have witnessed 'parties' in London gardens where ... ' As I remember it even Henry James wore one, and unless memory blends two occasions he wore also an enormous checked weskit" [GK, 82].

Wilson had these lines: "My girl's got 125. the asphodel: Homer said: "But they passed beyond the flowing waters of ocean, 422 and the rock Leucas, and the gates of the sun, and the people of dreams; and they immediately carne into meadows of asphodel, where souls the images of the dead reside" [Od. XXIV, 10-14] . Pound may have made Neoplatonic connections from Thomas Taylor's translation of Porphyry's De Antra Nympharum [Concerning the Cave of the Nymphs]: "Now these meadows ofAsphodel form the supreme part of Pluto's dominions: for, according to Pythagoras ...

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